• T-shirts


    Let your passion for music and Pico Island shine through with our exclusive Santo Rock Bar T-shirts. Each piece is a tribute to the great gods of music who descended from Olympus to create an unforgettable night in this earthly paradise. The designs on our T-shirts capture the essence of the musical legend that echoes in the island's waves and wind. Wear your Santo Rock Bar T-shirt and join this divine experience, sharing the love of rock and Pico Island in style.

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  • Hoodies


    When the cool breeze from Pico Island touches your face, wrap yourself in our Santo Rock Bar jackets. Each piece is designed to provide comfort and style during your island adventures. Inspired by the night the angels of music descended to Earth and rocked this heavenly place, our jackets combine fashion and passion for music. Feel warm and ready to explore the natural beauty of Pico Island while flaunting the rock'n'roll spirit at every step.

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  • Accessories


    Complement your style with Santo Rock Bar's exclusive accessories. Our collection offers a variety of items that reflect the vibrant spirit of music and the essence of Pico Island. Each accessory has been carefully selected from custom stickers to inspirational pins to add a touch of originality and personal expression to your look. Explore our vast selection of accessories and find the perfect piece to show your passion for rock, the Azores, and the Santo Rock Bar. Awaken your unique style and let Santo Rock Bar accessories be your badge of authenticity.

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